TGIF & Happy Easter Weekend!

Thank God It's Friday, indeed. It's the most awaited for day of the whole week, and it's almost an instant relief when you wake up and it's finally Friday.

As much as I'm going to try to keep up the blog during the weekend, there's of course going to be a bit of hiccup moments. Between trying to craft together dog bows for my little ones, Easter Sunday, and having some family time. There's going to be a bit of delayed posts I'm sure. I know it's not that different from the couple of days I haven't posted but in my excuse, I had to master my skill of bow making! As the owner of two Shih Tzu's that really need their hair up permanently, to keep it out of their face. I found it cheaper to figure out how to make the bows myself versus buying them, the nice ones anyway, for 14-16 dollars a PIECE.

Between all of that I also do sweepstakes/giveaways. It's definitely a handfull having to hop between that, the blog, the bows, the dogs, and managing to keep the house about as clean as it can get. There's always going to be a chew toy that gets torn up and some how, within minutes, spreads its way all over my living room floor. For days after, it also manages to find itself hiding spots that I won't find for however long. With all of that and though it may not seem as hectic as other peoples lives, it's definitely a hectic life for me. So this Easter Sunday, I plan on relaxing. Enjoy the holiday, the family I'll be with, and try not to worry about the giveaways I might be missing, the things I might not be around to post, or the mess that may get made by something one of the dogs gets a hold of. At least for a little while, haha.


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