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For those who didn't have the chance to claim a FREE Artisan Pizza during Domino's first run of giving these yummy things away; Domino's will be giving more away starting April 30th until May 3rd!

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Plus Size Wholesale Costume Club Review


If you're anything like me, picking costumes can be a bit of a difficult task. For one, I always wait until the last minute. Why do I do this? I have no idea. As soon as it's 2 to 3 weeks before Halloween I decide to look up some costumes, and see what's out there, what's in my budget range and what's within my style area. And you know what? Everything that ends up being my style, ends up extremely out of my budget. This might be because I am a bit on the "chubby" side. I'm a thick woman, and sure I'm proud of it. But, it does make any clothes shopping a little bit more of a difficult experience.

As my mom says, I have "expensive" taste. Everything that I naturally like, want, and dream of having- costs way more than my money limits allow. I was more than pleased, and shocked too, that Wholesale Costume Club actually had some very nice Costumes for the bigger sized woman. And, with great prices to boot! The costume to your left is the one that I actually chose. I am huge fan of the 50's era. From the hair down to their shoes, and the cute dresses they wore during that period.

With any plus sized company I tend to be a little wary about the sizes. Some companies have their sizes larger and some of them make them smaller than it actually should be. This has always caused a huge annoyance for me. So, while looking through the costumes I was a bit hesitant and worried about how their sizing would be for my body. I am beyond ecstatic that everything fit perfectly and framed my body just right. The sequin trims off the features perfectly, from the deep v neck, to the arms. The skirt layers it's sequin trim over the pink top, which creates a snug fit at your waist really creating a nice curve that all of us want to show, especially on Halloween when we can dress a little more creatively (so to speak) than normal.

Now it's not that I just love this costume because of the way it makes me feel comfort wise, and still be cute & sexy looking (in my opinion)... But, being in the price range that this costume is in, of course you wonder about the material. Will it be cheap and scratchy, is it going to hold up, tear, or any of those other bad experiences that happen when you buy something at a discounted or sale price and it turns out the fabric is actually fairly disappointing. This costume is definitely not the case to that. The top has a nice smooth and soft velvety feel. The lined sequin doesn't cut in or press against your skin anywhere so there's no annoyance. Everything with  my costume perfectly pleased me and I am super happy with it. Including the fact that I finally have a costume before Halloween.

Wholesale Costume Club has a large collection of Plus Sized Costumes which is a big A+ in my book. I also recommend checking out more of their costumes before Halloween nips you in the butt.  Their Plus Sized Costumes are very cute and affordable! Prices vary depending on what you're looking for, of course. But there's big savings that keep you cute and comfortable, and within a budget, I think. Wholesale Costume Club gets a 2 thumbs up from me!

Price Range: From as little as $14.99 - $100.00 and up!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Parents Choice Infant Formula Samples


Parents choice is offering a great variety of samples for parents! Click here to sign up to receive a sample of either; Parent's Choice Premium Infant Formula Sample, Parent's Choice Advantage® Infant Formula Sample, or Parent's Choice Gentle® Infant Formula Sample!

And the winner is...

The winner of the $10 Target GiftCard is...

Julie has been contact and confirmed her win for the GC! Congratulations to Julie, and thank you everyone else for participating. In the beginning of May we'll be holding a pretty awesome giveaway, so stay tuned!

*FREE* Red Velvet Cake Cream Ice Sample @ Rita's


If you're lucky enough to have a Rita's near you, head down this weekend and grab a FREE sample of their Red Velvet Cake Cream Ice!

Source: Rita's Italian Ice Facebook

Hanae Mori No. 6 Sample @ Nordstrom

Head to your local Nordstrom this Saturday (April 21) for your free sample of Hanae Mori No. 6 (while supplies lasts)!

Source: Facebook

The Shih Tzu Chronicals...

Or, at least my experience of my life with them. I have 2 Shih tzu's and while I love them to bits with every part of me... There are times they do make me want to pull at my hair. I would love to post pictures of the two of them, but given their personalities, they like to turn away just as the shutter goes off on the camera- creating nothing more than a blurred streaking mass of hair. The two of them have two completely different personalities. Damon, while he has his moments of being a hyper pain, is pretty relaxed. He has an attitude about him that says he doesn't give a damn and a look to match it. Gizmo however, is the complete opposite and runs amok and stirs all of the other dogs into a wild havoc.

With Gizmo I've come across a few problematic bumps in the road. We adopted him from a friend of a family member so we don't exactly know how old he is. His fur however is telling me he is starting to grow out of his puppy years, and he must be nearing his first year. Why do I think that? Because his big poof of a monkey butt, that was his puppy fur has become very problematic to thoroughly brush out. I brush this little fur ball multiple times a day and these knotted messes have kept returning. It probably didn't help that he kept chewing at his hair, slowly creating knots that were impossible to remove... So, I recently, and very sadly, had to chop off all of his luscious locks of hair.

With him being how he was, choosing nothing better than to make the knots worse, it was a choice that we had to make to keep him safe and free of matting. On the plus side, he looks utterly too cute for words now with his puppy cut. His head still has all of his fur, and so does his tail and feet. It's just the main part of his body that we have trimmed down now. He seems to love being freed of his fur and it's really only caused my fluffball to become a little bit more rambunctious. One day I will snag a great picture of him without his head turning away from my camera!

This is Damon

 He's the some-what calmer part of our two shih-tzu clan. The two of them do share the same traits... Which include running into your legs as you walk, biting at your pant legs, and sometimes just biting you for the heck of it. This little booger would have to be our spoilt brat. When he wants to be picked up to be put on the couch, he will bark until you do so. If your attention is on something and he wants it? He will bark to let you know that, with the added kicks of his legs as he's doing so. You're probably wondering why we even let him bark that much, and honestly I do try to make him stop... But those kicks that he does as he barks are too funny to even describe here.

The problem we had with him and his fur happened a long time ago when he was a pup. My mother and I had gone out shopping for some time and when we returned we discovered that this little pain in the butt had gotten into a hidden piece of sticky paper. Ah, yeah... That was probably the most frantic we had been. He was our first shih-tzu and of course we had wanted him to look as great and amazing as all of the shih tzu's we've seen on pictures. They're gorgeous, their hair always flows in just the right way. We knew that it would be hard work, for sure, but we never expected for him to somehow end up gluing himself to a sticky paper that we were sure we had hidden perfectly well.

So that ends my frustrated ramble about my bad experiences with these two shih-tzu's. I wish you luck if you consider getting a shih-tzu. They are definitely well worth the hassle and the brushing and the bathing, but they are in the same sentence that much work. But, they really are great dogs. I wouldn't ever trade them in for anything, even now knowing the things that they can get themselves into. So if you ever do get a shih-tzu... Pick up all of your sticky papers! Or anything sticky and glue-y for that matter, haha!

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The winner of the $10 Victoria's Secret GC Is...


Congratulations, Karen!
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More Giveaways to come for more chances to win!

Tax Day Freebies!


After the hair-pulling task of filing your taxes and getting them in just in time- Everyone needs these little freebies to recover! Make it a day to just relax with these sweet freebies! Here's the list of freebie's between April 17-18th.

  1. Free Curly Fries with Coupon @ Arby's w/ Coupon- Coupon (04/17 Only)
  2. Free Shanghai Angus Steak with Coupon @ Panda Express w/ Coupon - Coupon (04/17 Only)
  3. Free Scoop of new Yogurt @ Marble Slab Creamery from 4 to 7PM w/ Coupon - Coupon (04/17 Only)
  4. Free Desert or Appetizer with Entree @ Chili's Grill & Bar w/ Coupon - Coupon  (04/16 - 04/18)
  5. Buy one individual meal & fountain drink, get another individual meal FREE @ Boston Market w/ Coupon - Coupon  (04/17 Only)
  6. Free Sample of Seattle's Best Coffee here.
  7. Buy one Chicken Breast Sandwich, Get one free @ White Castle w/ Coupon - Coupon (Exp 04/28)
  8. Free Cinnabon Bites @ Cinnabon from 6 to 8PM ( No Coupon Needed )
  9. Free Scoop of Yogurt @ Maggie Moo's  from 4 to 7PM ( No Coupon Needed )
  10. 15% Off of your Check @ P.F Changs (04/17 Only, No Coupon Needed )
  11. Happy Hour All Day Tax Day @ Sonic Drive - in! Soft Drinks, Tea's & Slushes (04/17 Only, No Coupon Needed )

Thanks Shopping Tips n Tricks for pointing these out!

Springing to Target $10.00 GC Giveaway! (Ends 4/20)


Target is the one place where I really love to do my coupon deals. Where I live, there is no Kroger, Publix, or any of the other amazing places that have great deals with the coupons that come out. With target being in the nearest location to me, I actually have a successful time using coupons there. Between their low prices, and the ability to stack the coupons. Boom, there's your savings! 

With that being said, I want to help you to be able to stay within your budgets! Make the biggest savings that you can, whenever you can! So I'm giving one lucky winner a $10.00 Target GiftCard to help you through your coupon deals and your shopping trips! Walk into Target with a Spring in your step, knowing you're going to walk out with great deals in your carts. So finally, to put an end to my rambling!  

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Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist only $7.99


Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite places to shop, especially for their perfumes and make-up. Right now VS has a few of their things on Clearance price! Their Sexy Little Things VIXEN™Scented Lotion & Fragrance mist is now only $7.99!

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8 Piece Salad Set
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Free Small Popcorn @ AMC Theaters this weekend!


For all of you that are lucky enough to have an AMC theater close to them, head out to the movies this weekend with a group of friends or family and take advantage of this offer. With how high it is to buy anything (including a bottle of water) from the snack counter, this is an amazing deal. Click the link below to claim your coupon. This offer is only valid from 4/13-4/15.

$10 Victoria's Secret Rewards Gift Card Giveaway! (EXPIRED)

$10.00 Victoria's Secret Giveaway

Just in time for your Spring Break trips, or your future plans for some Summer time fun. We're giving away this Victoria's Secret Rewards Card to help you keep within your budget, and still look fabulous on your many adventures this year with your family & friends. Simply fill out the easy entry Rafflecopter below!

Free Dominos Artisan Pizza @ Dominos Facebook


Head over to Dominos on Facebook everyday until April 12th, to claim your free pizza at the said times by Dominos.

  • Monday, April 9, 2012 – 25,000
  • Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – 20,000
  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – 15,000
  • Thursday, April 12, 2012 – 15,000

Enjoy your Dominos for lunch or for dinner with the custom time ordering! Don't forget, you can choose to have it delivered, for the normal Dominos Delivery fee and tax. If you choose to pick up your order, the Pizza is completely free of charge

Happy Hopping Easter!

Happy Easter to all that celebrate! I hope you have amazing meals, treats and candies. I hope the Easter Bunny has left you and your family some fun field eggs around your yards. 

And the winners are...

For now, we'll just stick to winner instead of ers. One day we will get to that point, when there's so many winners to announce that my fingers burn from clicking and typing around like a busy bee. So! let's get down to business.

The winner of the Dolphin Tale BluRay/DVD Combo is...

Congrats to the winner who confirmed and claimed their win! We hope you and your family will enjoy the movie as much as we did!

Flex Fit Friday Hanes Giveaway! @ Hanes FB

Every Friday of this month, Hanes will be giving away 100 ComfortFlex Fit Bandini 2 Packs!

TGIF & Happy Easter Weekend!

Thank God It's Friday, indeed. It's the most awaited for day of the whole week, and it's almost an instant relief when you wake up and it's finally Friday.

As much as I'm going to try to keep up the blog during the weekend, there's of course going to be a bit of hiccup moments. Between trying to craft together dog bows for my little ones, Easter Sunday, and having some family time. There's going to be a bit of delayed posts I'm sure. I know it's not that different from the couple of days I haven't posted but in my excuse, I had to master my skill of bow making! As the owner of two Shih Tzu's that really need their hair up permanently, to keep it out of their face. I found it cheaper to figure out how to make the bows myself versus buying them, the nice ones anyway, for 14-16 dollars a PIECE.

Between all of that I also do sweepstakes/giveaways. It's definitely a handfull having to hop between that, the blog, the bows, the dogs, and managing to keep the house about as clean as it can get. There's always going to be a chew toy that gets torn up and some how, within minutes, spreads its way all over my living room floor. For days after, it also manages to find itself hiding spots that I won't find for however long. With all of that and though it may not seem as hectic as other peoples lives, it's definitely a hectic life for me. So this Easter Sunday, I plan on relaxing. Enjoy the holiday, the family I'll be with, and try not to worry about the giveaways I might be missing, the things I might not be around to post, or the mess that may get made by something one of the dogs gets a hold of. At least for a little while, haha.

Holmes Air Purifier $4.94 @ Walmart!


If you hurry your way to your nearest Walmart, you might be able to snag yourself up one of these before the word gets around!

Holmes Air Purifier: $14.94
Total: $4.94 !

Thanks to I Heart The Mart

Dolphin Tale BluRay/DVD Combo Giveaway! (EXPIRED)

This will be our first Giveaway! Hurray! It definitely will not be our last :)

Spring is in full effect here in the South. To be honest with you? I don't even consider this spring. This feels like summer already. It's a nice gorgeous day outside, a great day to spend outside with your family or your pets. But, if you're like me. There is a bit of a limit to that. It gets hot, sticky, a bit humid and it does nothing but wipe me out for the rest of the day.

So, with those hot spring and summer days just around the corner, and after having some fun in the sun, slide into that cool Air Conditioning and pop in a dvd and eat yourself some snacks.

With that said, here's something to help you with that! Enter below for your chance to win the Dolphin Tale BluRay/DVD Combo! 

This movie is very family safe, great for all ages, and incredibly captivating. It will pull at your heart strings from the beginning. I loved this movie from the first time I saw it, which is why I want to share that love with you and your family (or pets!).

Dolphin Tale BluRay/DVD Giveaway!

Entering is easy. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below!