A little lovins for your BlackBerry

As a past blackberry user, I found it pretty hard to find things that looked cute but still for the most part protects my BlackBerry. Which I just so happened to drop a lot more than suggested for a phone. I still have that habit with my iPhone now... Maybe I just have a permanent case of slippy fingers. Getting back onto the point behind this, nomorerack.com has an amazing deal going on with a couple of BlackBerry products. Check out this awesome deal for a couple of nice protecting items for you and your beloved BlackBerry!

This has got to be my favorite item from this bundle.

The BlackBerry Pocket Pouch & Folio are a bundle, and this whole bundle is only $8.00?? I really wish they would have had this sale when I did have my BlackBerry. Head on over to nomorerack.com and snag up some great sale items!

I know there is a bit of controversy about nomorerack, whether it is real and whether you actually get the items that you pay for. But since I have purchased from them before, and have received my product, I feel safe writing this whole ramble out for you, about them!

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