Touch Downy Super Bowl Twitter Giveaway

Given that it's Superbowl weekend, Downy is hosting their very own Giveaway during the Superbowl. For the ones of you that aren't interested in the superbowl, but do love Downy products it is a good time to suffer through all of the yells, and woots and get into the game for this Giveaway! Downy will be giving away 46 Unstoppable Fanpackages! Every single time either of the teams score a touchdown.

The entries are simple and easy to do, all you have to do is use your twitter! Let's just hope that everyones excitement, won't crash the whole Twitter database like it has a couple of times before. Even as the Patriots were playing to qualify for the Superbowl the fans managed to crash Twitter a couple of times that evening. If you have a smartphone that has a Twitter application on it, I find it easier to tweet through the application despite Twitters crashing. Not always, but sometimes.

Here is the information you will need about the Giveaway.

  • @Down will be giving away 46 UnStoppable Fanpackages (One for every touchdown that either of the team scores). Downy will also be giving away free samples to some of their followers. 
  • Every time a team makes a touchdown. Tweet to @Downy with the HashTag #TouchDowny 
  • Participants must be following @Downy to be eligible to win. (Winners will be contacted through Direct Message )

Good luck to everyone, and Happy Superbowl Weekend!

Disclosure: I am a One2One member and received a contest entry for this post. 


  1. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up :)
    just started following downy!

  2. now I got to watch THAT game @#$$$% :)

  3. lol i'm on facebook too much, i kept trying to like your comment Donna ;)