The frustration continues

I have set up a couple of blogs in my day but, I must have completely spaced out on how frustrating it is to get everything set up. To find the right layout, to make the right header, to not critique everything that I make. I get that way with my own photography though so in general that is the type of person that I am. So, until convince myself that everything looks on the dot and how I want it too. This is going to frustrate me to no end for a couple of weeks.

Soon I will do an introduction on the dogs that I love, my little minions. Finding and taking the right picture of them in a flattering way, is the hardest task. Not as hard as setting up this place, but it's pretty hard. None of them want to hold still long enough for me to capture them. When I do capture them, they look like wild nuts running around. It's cute to me, of course. But I would like to introduce them showing off their cute little faces. I doubt that will happen, so you will have to bare with me with whatever they let me post of them, haha.

As the welcome note states though, this blog will not only consist of my dogs or animals in general. It will consist of everything that I wish to ramble about. So, please stay tuned!


  1. You've definitely hit that on the head with the frustrations about getting it set up lol....
    gotta say though, your blog is looking great and i'm sure it'll just get better from here on out ;)

  2. Agree with Melanie, it's looking just fine:)